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Echo Friendly Options

We at the Tent Merchant are doing our part to encourage an environmental friendly options as a rental company. Rentals of themselves are beneficial to the environment in that they are used time after time before being retired. We recycle on a daily basis at our business, and encourage our clients and caterers to rent our blue recycle trash cans. We are also fortunate that some of our tents are made from ecofriendly natural canvas and cotton.

We also offer a line of EcoPalm plates, spoons, forks, and knives which are an elegant, eco-friendly alternative to traditional disposable plates and cutleries. These biodegradable products are made from all natural and renewable resources. Naturally shed palm husks of Areca palm trees are collected, cleansed with water, dried, and molded into a variety of compostable plates and bowls. EcoPalm cutleries are steam-pressed from birch wood.

All in all we are a rapidly growing small business with a keen awareness of our potential impact on the environment and want to play our part in preserving the planet we all enjoy.

Eco Friendly Options

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